Good to know


Welcome to our cottage!

We hope you will enjoy your stay. Here is some information that might be useful for you.

  • Unless agreed otherwise, the cottage is at your disposal from 15:00 the day of your arrival until 12:00 the day you leave. For weekend bookings, the cottage is at your disposal until 20:00 Sunday evening. Other arrival and departure times can be agreed with the hosts.
  • The cottage is for maximum as many persons as there are beds and according to the number of persons, you announced us at the moment of booking.
  • SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED INSIDE the cottage. Also, please don’t throw the cigarette ends in the garden or in the lake.
  • Bedclothes, carpets and furniture is for inside use only. It is recommended you take off your (outside) shoes inside the cottage.
  • There is no need for a fishing permit when fishing with a rod and a line or ice fishing. For lure fishing a national and local/regional permit is required (for more information see ).
  • If you use the boat, please pull it back on the land after use and/or attach it well.
  • Please be careful with the fire. Don’t make a campfire outside without a permission of the hosts. Don’t forget to put out the candles or fires inside and outside before leaving the cottage or going to bed.
  • Open the dampers before making the fire in the fireplace and close them only after the fire and embers are completely extinguished. When there is no fire, please keep the dampers closed in the wintertime, otherwise the cold air gets in the cottage. If you need advice for the use of fireplace or sauna oven, ask the hosts – they will be happy to help you. Please use the wood sparingly. The outside tub (when available) can be used for extra fee so please ask more information from the hosts.
  • Check the exits in case for an emergency (they are marked with a green arrow).
  • The instructions to be followed in an emergence case are attached on a wall in the cottage.
  • For your safety, there are smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in the cottage. Don’t deactivate them. If there is a problem with them or they don’t work, contact the hosts.
  • Don’t turn the heating off when leaving the cottage.
  • On the day of your departure, please leave the key in the place agreed or on the door.
  • If you have used the wood, please bring in some dry wood for the next guest.
  • If something gets broken during your stay or you leave the cottage untidy, you are liable to pay for that. The sum for compensation is to be agreed with the hosts. Even if you have already booked and paid for the end cleaning, you should leave the cottage tidy: wash the dishes, put the furniture back to its place etc.
  • If there is something missing or not working or if something got broken, please inform us as soon as possible. That way we can keep the cottage in order and the next guests will have a nice start for their holiday too!
  1. Always open the damper before setting fire.
  2. Open also the hatch under the fireplace door when setting the fire.
  3. Use small wood for setting the fire.
  4. Any use of lighter or barbecue fluid is absolutely forbidden!
  5. Don’t leave the fire unsupervised.
  6. Don’t close the damper too early after the wood has burnt. Turn the ashes over and check that embers are not red anymore. If you close the damper too early, you risk a carbon monoxide poisoning!

The cleaning during the stay and at the end of it is at your responsibility. Please make sure that when you leave, the cottage is as tidy as when you arrived.

  • Empty the ashes from the fireplace and the sauna oven and put them in the recipient for that purpose. Don’t throw them in the nature!
  • Clean the cottage, vacuum clean and wash the floors. Wash the dishes and put them where they belong. Put the furniture back to its place.
  • Take the garbage out to the bins. Don’t forget to sort out the organic waste, glass and metal separately.
  • Pull the boat on land and fix it correctly. Open the plug and put the oars in the boat. Leave the life jackets in the cottage.
  • Close the windows and the doors.

For bookings of over 200 EUR, the reservation fee is 20 % of the price. The rest is due 4 weeks before the beginning of the stay.

Cancellation fees:

During the high season: cancellation minimum 8 weeks before the stay: 10 EUR – minimum 4 weeks before the stay: 20% of the rent – between 2 weeks and 2 days before the stay: 50% of the rent – less than 2 days before: 100% of the rent

Other periods: cancellation minimum 4 weeks before the stay: 10 EUR – minimum 2 weeks before the stay: 20% of the rent – less than 2 days before: 50% of the rent.

The end cleaning (100 EUR) should be booked in advance.

If the cottage has not been cleaned, the owner has the right to charge you for the end cleaning at least double the price. The owner also has the right to charge you for any damages caused. These sums are collectable.

For not having used sheet in beds will be charged 20 EUR.

Extra fee for arrival between 21:00–8:00 is 40 EUR.